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Tabernacle International Church
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T.I.C. women are on fire for Christ. We provide an environment where women are encouraged and built up together as one. T.I.C. women strive to live a life according to God's word. We pray for one another and provide a time of fellowship to lift one another up. We educate, train and equip women in our ministry in their home, spiritual lives, and community. 

T.I.C. women are going after life in a new way and growing into God ordained women. We are seeking God like never before and helping other women to realize their potential in Christ. At T.I.C. everyone is valuable. We are walking it out step by step, towards the Plan, the Promise and the Vision! 

We host workshops, teachings, fellowshipping events to help all women.  We invite you to become women of purpose and destiny. Ladies, you have been called with a purpose! If you would like more information on the Women's Ministry contact us today! We look forward to reaching out to you. 


    The Church where Love and Hope Abide! Fostering Total Inward Change!


    Tabernacle International Church
    3512 East Wendover Ave., Suite A
    Grenesboro, NC 27405

    PH: (336) 663-8435

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